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| Rivertown Revival 2017

July 22nd, 2017
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Friends of the Petaluma River
Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement

I, the undersigned, am voluntarily participating in this activity. I understand that the Friends of the Petaluma River activities are based on cooperation and mutual support.

I recognize the element of risk involved in any physical activity associated with the outdoors, especially when undertaken in the company of amateurs. I understand the cleanup volunteers do not represent themselves as outdoor professionals and they may or may not have extensive experience.

I am aware that my participation in these activities may be physically demanding and potentially hazardous, involving risk of injury, death or personal property loss or damage. The risks included injury or fatality due to immersion in underwater, impact with submerged or exposed objects, slipping and falling, accident or extremes or inclement weather, accidents while travelling to and from activity sites and other risks that may not be known. I am also aware that weather and water conditions are unpredictable and may pose hazards.
I acknowledge and assume these risks, both known and unknown, including those arising out of acts of negligence on the part of FOPR, and I wish to participate in this activity. I state that I am free of any medical condition that might create undue risk in me or others who might depend on me in these activities.

Acknowledging these risks and in consideration for being permitted to participate in this activity, I hereby voluntarily WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE ALL CLAIMS OF LIABILITY for injury, death, property damage, or other loss that I may have at any time in the future against Friends of the Petaluma River as a result of my participation in these activities, even in the claim is due to the negligence of the leaders. I assume full responsibility for all such damage and loss and INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Friends of the Petaluma River for such damage and loss. I agree that this assumption of risk and release shall bind my heirs, executors, and other legal representatives and all members of my family.

This assumption of risk and release shall apply to the Friends' staff, event coordinators, and all of their affiliates, employees and agents, and the sponsors of the event.
I am aware that by signing this document I AM GIVING UP IMPORTANT LEGAL RIGHTS. I UNDERSATND THIS and do so of my own free will.